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Delivery Information

All orders are shipped via SMSA or UPS, and the delivery time depends on the payment time and the shipment of the item. Shipping to your city usually takes between two to five days.

What are the delivery costs?

Same-day delivery (Riyadh only):

  • SAR 40 for orders less than 1000SAR
  • SAR 12 for orders more than SAR 1000 or more than 2000SAR
  • free shipping for orders more than 2000 SAR

Shipping via SMSA (all cities in the Kingdom):

  • SAR 24 for orders less than SAR 1000.
  • Free shipping for orders more than SAR 1001.

Please note that the shipping cost for international shipments will be calculated after processing the order and measuring the weight of the shipment. The customer will be notified of the shipping cost. For international shipments, payment must be made before issuing the shipping invoice.

What payment methods are available on the website?

  • Tamara installment payment service.
  • Visa or Mastercard payment.
  • Bank transfer to one of the following banks:

    alinma bank

    Account number: 68204556280000

    IBAN: SA4505000068204556280000

    Account name: Haflat alfaez Trading Establishment

    Before making a bank transfer, please ensure that the account is in the name of Haflat alfaez Trading Establishment. After transferring the required amount, send a message to the email  [email protected] or via WhatsApp to the number 0591142696. Include the following information: order number, account holder's name, account number, and the transferring bank's name.

    What happens after transferring the amount?

    After confirming that the customer has transferred the required amount, the ordered product(s) will be shipped through the shipping company. Then, a message will be sent to the buyer's email with the tracking number for the shipment, allowing the customer to track the shipment and stay updated about its estimated arrival time.